Edge Glued Panel is Natural and Harmless.

The trees, which contain the essence of nature, are solid by their nature. Edge glued panel products including bonder are organic. It is exactly the genius of humanity and naturally harmless.

Edge Glued Panel Usage Areas

Edge glued panels, which do not lose anything even when they become an industrial product, are being used extensively in environment and products where health and hygiene is sought.

Wooden structural column-beam production,
Wooden structural column-beam production,
Interior walls, ceiling and floor elements of wooden houses,
Deck covering and furniture of yachts,
Floor coverings,
Office, bed and living room groups,
Door and door frame production,
Kitchen counter and cupboards,

Properties Of Edge Glued Panels

The solid panel leaked from the nature of the tree is an inspiration for our dreams.

Natural and Hygienic

It contains all the natural properties of the tree.

Easily Processable

It is easy to shape. Workmanship saves time and materials.


It is durable. Panel selection according to the appropriate humidity and ambient preferences makes it resistant to years, disasters, and accidents.

It is repairable.

Because it is solid, it can be repaired very easily after an accident.

It is recycled.

It is environment-friendly. The tree, which is environmentally friendly in every state in the world, is present with the same protectionist identity as the solid panel forms.

It is solid

Solidness is its simplicity. There is nothing other than the kind of tree used in the structure.

Edge Glued Panel Usage Areas

Edge glued panels are a material that is constantly increasing in usage area due to the solid panel features that meet every requirement in terms of carrying the advantages of solid wood material to other materials.